Patty’s Story…

Madeleine Albright

Nikola Tesla

Yo-Yo Ma

Andrew Carnegie

Bob Hope

John Muir

Albert Einstein

Willem de Kooning

Arianna Huffington

What do these people have in common? They all immigrated to the United States! What would our country be like without their cultural, scientific, environmental, and philanthropic contributions?

Immigrants today are no different. Once in the United States, their creativity, intelligence, and resourcefulness contributes to the very fabric of our communities. Patty is one such immigrant, determined to make a difference in her new community.

Patty, originally from Mexico, is married and has a son. Although her English was not strong when she became a Literacy Council student, she finished every exercise in her citizenship textbook between her first and second classes.

With her characteristic determination, Patty passed the U.S. Naturalization exam after just two months of intensive study. She dove into her community as a naturalized citizen, getting a driver’s license, registering to vote, continuing her English lessons, and earning her High School Equivalency diploma. Next, she plans to take courses at AB Tech.

“Although she is quiet and unassuming, Patty is one of the most self-directed people I have ever met,” Patty’s tutor said. In addition to her studies, she now spends time benefitting her new community: she works in a community center, advocates for marginalized members of our community, and is active in her son’s school.

We cannot wait to see what Patty accomplishes next. Please make a spring donation to give more of our neighbors the opportunity to learn. Your gift will ensure that Literacy Council students move beyond surviving to thriving.