Why the Literacy Council

Instruction that is learner-centered and life skills-based.

When you become a Literacy Council student, you become part of a caring family that believes reading, writing, and language skills are a basic human right.   Our programs are especially designed around you – your needs and your goals.

As a student, you can count on the following characteristics built into every program:

One size does not fit all.

Every student comes to us with different reading and language skills, different personal goals, and different learning styles.   We meet our students where they are today and provide highly individualized instruction to fit their needs.

One-on-one or small group instruction

Each student is paired with an individual tutor or assigned to a small group of less than ten adults who read and speak at comparable levels.   This maximizes flexibility in instruction techniques, location, and time-of-day.  It also ensures personalized attention between student and tutor.   A student can advance at his/her own pace and focus on a specific learning goal, such as preparing for a U.S. Citizenship exam or conference with his/her child’s teacher, improving spelling and writing skills, navigating a grocery store, or reading an instruction manual.

Tutors trained by an accredited program.

The Literacy Council uses a proven phonics-based, learner-centered, multi-sensory approach to teaching.   Our training program first achieved accreditation in 2002 from ProLiteracy America, the international gold-plated standard for literacy advocacy and instruction.   All tutors receive 15 hours of training in reading methods and language techniques by a Literacy Council professional.

Long-term commitment.

Volunteer tutors commit to working with their assigned students for a minimum of nine-months.   This means you can advance at your own pace and work with a single instructor who gets to know you and your personal goals.

A trusted bond.

What makes us successful is the trusted bond that develops between our instructors and our students.   That bond helps students gain self-confidence and develop self-sufficiency to transform their lives.   Tutors often serve as mentors and model literacy behaviors that encourage students to continue their education and reach their achievement goals.

Nominal book fee only.

There is no cost to a student for instruction by a Literacy Council volunteer tutor.   We do ask for a small donation of $20 to cover the cost of workbooks and materials.   Scholarships to waiver this book fee are available upon request if this presents a hardship.


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