Tutor Training Overview

Proven and accredited teaching method.

Our volunteer training is based on proven methods for teaching reading and language.   In 2002 we achieved accreditation by ProLiteracy America, the gold-plated standard for teaching basic reading, writing, and English language skills to adult non-readers.

Our approach is to equip tutors to provide highly individualized instruction that is learner-centered and life-skills based. Tutors learn to help their students read and speak English using a variety of techniques, such as phonics, multi-sensory activities, dialog, and real life role plays.

Tutor training sessions are highly interactive and incorporate demonstrations of teaching techniques, group exercises, and practice sessions. Upon completion of tutor training, you will be well equipped to be an effective and caring teacher for Literacy Council students.

Tutor Training Plan

Tutors receive fifteen hours of training in their chosen track – either Adult Education or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Training is led by the Program Coordinator and we begin a new series of classes every other month.

The training plan includes:

  • Orientation – 1 session, 1 ½ hours.
  • Classroom Training – 4 sessions, 2 ½ hours each.
  • Student Match Meeting – 1 hour.
  • In-Service Training – 1½ hours, two to three months after becoming a tutor.
  • Online Training – 1 ½ hours, optional.
  • Observation of veteran LCBC tutor(s) - 2 to 4 hours, optional


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Thank you…

…to the over 200 volunteers who donate more than 14,000 hours each year. Without you and the work you do, the Literacy Council could not exist.