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The success, development, and retention of volunteer tutors are very important to the Literacy Council.   In addition to our accredited training program, we support tutors in several ways described below.

Tutor Mentor Program

We are fortunate to have several experienced tutors who serve as mentors for our newer tutors. These mentors help new tutors assimilate into their roles by:

  • Inviting them to observe a class or tutoring session.
  • Answering questions.
  • Advising on lesson plans, materials, and activities.
  • Observing a new tutor’s class and giving feedback.

Coaching by the Program Director

One of the main priorities of our Adult Education and ESOL Program Directors is to ensure that tutors feel successful and rewarded for their efforts. Program Directors are always available for individual appointments with tutors to help them with lesson plans, materials selections, and instruction techniques. They are a valuable resource to help tutors understand the life challenges many students face and to improve communication. Tutors also benefit from observation and feedback by the Program Directors.

In-Service Training

About once a month, Program Directors hold in-service training for tutors. This is a small group gathering that focuses on a specific topic of interest, such as Interactive Teaching Techniques or Teaching Pronunciation. These sessions help tutors expand their subject area knowledge and teaching skills.

In-service training is also a great opportunity for tutors to share their challenges and successes, swap ideas, and stock up on new teaching materials. It’s a collaborative session, a time to get to know your fellow tutors, and an opportunity to recharge and rededicate yourself to this vitally important volunteer effort.

Online Training

The Literacy Council recommends that tutors take several online courses to supplement our internal training. These optional courses are:

Adult Education

  • Phonemic Awareness – Instruction for Adult Literacy Learners
  • Principles of Adult Learning


  • Culture and English Language Learners
  • Working with English Language Learners

To take these courses, go to:   http://www.proliteracyednet.org/articles.asp?mcid=2&cid=24 .

Resource Library

The Resource Library at the Literacy Council office contains a wealth of information to assist our volunteer tutors. Books, periodicals, audios, teaching materials and props, and student texts and workbooks are available. We also have a well-equipped computer lab available for your use.

Come by the office and browse the library, talk with your Program Director, and check out the resources that interest you.


Take a look at our Pinterest page for online tutor resources.


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Thank you…

…to the over 200 volunteers who donate more than 14,000 hours each year. Without you and the work you do, the Literacy Council could not exist.