Overview for Students

Understanding your needs.   Committed to your success.

The Literacy Council offers two core programs – Adult Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) –   to teach adults basic reading, writing, math, and language skills through individual and small group instruction by trained volunteers.  Every year, we work with hundreds of students just like you.

Fact:   You are not alone.   90 million American adults have difficulty reading a food label.   1 in 10 adults in Buncombe County read at or below a basic reading level.

Fact:   There are no “typical” non-readers.   They can be your fireman, your co-worker, or your neighbor.

Fact:   There is help.   Every year the Literacy Council helps hundreds of adults learn to read and to speak the English language.   Every year someone just like you reaches their personal goal as an individual, parent, employee, and citizen.

Act:   Call or come see us today.   If you, or someone you know, struggle with reading or English speaking skills, we can help.   Talk to us and learn how.


Our 300+ students prove there is help for non-readers.

… Alice learned to read at age 74.

…Bill proved the “experts” wrong – he learned to read and holds a job.

…Maria wants to renew her nursing certificate.

…Jose owns his own business and is sending his three children to college.

…Luz now teaches ESOL classes and opened a day care center.

…Many students plan to enter a GED prep program.

…Nearly 60 students have earned their U.S. citizenship.