Why Literacy

Life as a Non-Reader

What is it like to be a non-reader?

  • You shop for groceries by pictures on the packages.   You might buy a can of Crisco shortening thinking you’re actually buying a can of fried chicken.
  • You can’t read the instructions on a medicine bottle but are too embarrassed to tell the pharmacist.   You run the risk of giving your child an overdose.
  • You can’t read a map or a road sign.
  • You can’t fill out a job application.
  • You can’t understand the instruction labels on the machinery at work.
  • You can’t help your child with homework and you won’t admit to the teacher that you can’t read the notes she sends home.
  • You can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of snuggling with a good book at bedtime.
  • You may be a non-reader because of a learning disability such as dyslexia – but not know it.
  • You feel like a failure and an outcast.   You hide your inability to read.
  • As an adult, it is often very difficult to ask for help and to accept help.
  • It is a challenge just to organize your daily life so that you can show-up for your tutoring sessions.


What if…

…you can’t read the label on your child’s medicine bottle.

…you can’t count your change in the checkout line.

…you can’t fill out an application for a job.

… or the paperwork for a loan …or food …or housing.

…the boss hands you a new instruction manual.

…you need to get directions or read a map.

…the teacher sends home an important note about your child.