Guidelines for Student Acceptance

The Literacy Council adheres to the following guidelines for accepting students into our programs:

  • Strong desire to learn to read and/or speak the English language.
  • Willingness to participate in initial orientation and skills assessment.
  • Commitment to nine months, 2 hours per week, of tutoring.
  • Healthy enough to participate in regularly scheduled tutoring sessions.


Our 300+ students prove there is help for non-readers.

… Alice learned to read at age 74.

…Bill proved the “experts” wrong – he learned to read and holds a job.

…Maria wants to renew her nursing certificate.

…Jose owns his own business and is sending his three children to college.

…Luz now teaches ESOL classes and opened a day care center.

…Many students plan to enter a GED prep program.

…Nearly 60 students have earned their U.S. citizenship.