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Get Help to Read

Need help to read? Need help studying for the GED?

Call Lily at (828)243-3442 x 202

Our Ideal Student

The ideal student is motivated, sees the need for change, and wants help. Students’ goals can be anything from learning to read to a child to earning a High School Equivalency Diploma.  Our students sometimes need encouragement to make that first step toward their goal.

How do I become an Adult Education student?

We have a simple 5-step process to become a student in our Adult Education program.

Step 1:   Call the Literacy Council.

Step 2:   Schedule an appointment with Lily Contorer.

Step 3:   Complete assessment testing.

Step 4:   Be matched with a tutor.

Step 5:   Attend tutoring sessions.

Tutoring is free and one-on-one. You meet with your tutor two times per week, for one hour each session, for a duration of at least one year. Meeting times and locations are flexible to meet students’ needs. We ask that Adult Ed students make a donation of $5 to help cover costs of materials. However, we do have scholarships available for those who aren’t able to make this donation.