About Us

ESOL Program Director

Erin Sebelius

Erin, a lover of languages and cultural exchange, believes she has the perfect job.

“Helping immigrants communicate in the language of their new home is especially rewarding because of the empowerment that comes for them,” Erin says.   “I just glow every time I hear that one of our ESOL students has gotten a promotion, found a better job, or been able to help a child with homework.”

Erin lists some pretty impressive credentials for managing the Literacy Council’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program.   She earned a B.A. in German from San Diego State University, a master’s degree in cross-cultural education from National University in San Diego, and a California teaching certificate.   She has five years experience teaching English, German, and Spanish to middle and high school students and ESOL to adults, as well as teaching English and math while living in Tijuana, Mexico for two years.   Erin is a ProLiteracy certified trainer, past president of the Asheville Area Director of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA), and member of the executive board of Carolina Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Working at the Literacy Council since 2005, Erin conducts all ESOL tutor trainings and oversees all ESOL tutor volunteer activities.   She remarks, “Our volunteer tutors are folks who care enough to give freely of their time, talents, and love.   I am continually humbled and inspired by both our students and our volunteers!”

Erin ’s home life revolves around husband, Sam, two children, Elan and Marlise, and their dog, T-Bone.   She likes to read and travel whenever possible.

The Book

By Fred Chappell

Poet Laureate Emeritus of North Carolina


It waits as patiently as a forest trail

To take you to a place you must have heard about,

Quiet and exciting, a glade to be alone in,

With those who came before.

At first the journey is one slow letter at a time,

But sooner than you thought, you clip along,

Your pace growing smarter with each step.


You never arrive at an end

Because you never want to,

And a thousand other trails lead off from this one path,

Mysterious, inviting, alive with shadowy light.


The book will go with you as far as you desire.

And if you like, I will come with you.