About Us

Development Director

Brantlee Eisenman

brantlee Brantlee is originally from Greenville, South Carolina but has lived in Asheville off and on for nearly 10 years. After spending many years moving all around the country trying to find the perfect place to call home she has decided to settle into the place she loves most, the mountains of Western North Carolina. Brantlee is a graduate of the College of Charleston where she earned a degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology. After spending several years working in the pharmaceutical industry she realized her true passion exists in fundraising and helping others. She has been working in the area of fundraising for nonprofits since 2003 including grant writing, major gift solicitations, special events, and planned giving. Brantlee is excited to be part of such a dynamic team at the Literacy Council and looks forward to being a component in helping the residents of Buncombe County. Outside of the Literacy Council, Brantlee enjoys hiking with her dog Nick, debating social issues with her son Rivers, cooking, reading and gardening.

The Book

By Fred Chappell

Poet Laureate Emeritus of North Carolina


It waits as patiently as a forest trail

To take you to a place you must have heard about,

Quiet and exciting, a glade to be alone in,

With those who came before.

At first the journey is one slow letter at a time,

But sooner than you thought, you clip along,

Your pace growing smarter with each step.


You never arrive at an end

Because you never want to,

And a thousand other trails lead off from this one path,

Mysterious, inviting, alive with shadowy light.


The book will go with you as far as you desire.

And if you like, I will come with you.