About Us

Board of Directors

Gene Adams
Webb Insurance


Sam Craig
Craig Law Firm, PLLC


Kate Henry, Secretary
Community Volunteer


Debbie Motz-Bryenton, Treasurer
Eastern Outdoor Reps. Association


James Carter, Chair
UNC Asheville, Annual Giving


Jill Franklin
Edward Jones

Ann Hamilton
Zealandia Holding Company


Greg Hammer, Vice-Chair
National Climatic Data Center


Joe Mann-Stadt
Organizational and Operations Consultant


Karen Pauly
A-B Tech

John Scroggs
TD Bank

Barbara Kolack Veach
Community Volunteer

The Book

By Fred Chappell

Poet Laureate Emeritus of North Carolina


It waits as patiently as a forest trail

To take you to a place you must have heard about,

Quiet and exciting, a glade to be alone in,

With those who came before.

At first the journey is one slow letter at a time,

But sooner than you thought, you clip along,

Your pace growing smarter with each step.


You never arrive at an end

Because you never want to,

And a thousand other trails lead off from this one path,

Mysterious, inviting, alive with shadowy light.


The book will go with you as far as you desire.

And if you like, I will come with you.