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Adult Education

Offering the hope and the help to improve lives.

The Adult Education program teaches reading, writing, and math to adults who read at or below a basic skills level.   Our Adult Ed program currently maintains an enrollment of approximately 40 students who work one-on-one with volunteer tutors.

All tutors receive training in the proven Orton-Gillingham methodology– a phonics-based reading method – and use the Wilson Reading System curriculum.

Although English is their native language, Adult Ed students are readers who struggle with recognizing individual sounds, written words, and comprehending a sentence or longer passage.   They comprise a diverse group in terms of educational background, socio-economic status, personal goals, and learning styles.   Many are challenged by learning differences such as dyslexia.

Adult Education students come to us because they want to improve their job prospects, help their children in school, enroll in a GED program, and feel better about themselves and their ability to cope in today’s world. All Adult Ed students have courageously taken the step to give reading another chance.

Students who enter the Adult Ed program are first assessed to determine their reading level, learning barriers, and commitment.   Each student is paired with a trained volunteer tutor who provides highly individualized instruction to meet that student’s unique needs.

The Literacy Council encourages a multi-sensory approach to reading – using sight, sound, touch – to make learning both fun and relevant to a student’s everyday life.   It is not unusual for tutors and students to participate together in grocery shopping, visits to a doctor’s office, or bus rides to practice new reading skills in their day-to-day lives.

Most of our Adult Ed students come to us through referrals. Reaching out to identify and recruit Adult Ed students, and then retaining them for the long haul, is one of the Literacy Council’s greatest challenges.   Our sustained success depends on you – the cooperation, vigilance, compassion, and encouragement of an entire community of family, neighbors, employers, co-workers, educators, clergy, and social services agencies.

For more information, contact our Adult Education Program Director. You can read more about Adult Education tutor training here.